Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grocery shopping in Luxor

I’m trying to come up with a fascinating post, to resurrect my blog after a hiatus.

Meanwhile, I went grocery shopping today, with only 50 Egyptian pounds to spend. I thought you would be interested to know what I bought at the supermarket for 43.50 Egyptian—a little over 7 US dollars:

A 1-liter carton (about a pint) natural mango/peach/apple juice.
One kilo and a bit (about 2 and a quarter pounds) tomatoes.
Almost one third kilo (well over half a pound) red onions.
Three quarters of a kilo (nearly one pound) red grapes.
One packet each frozen peas, beans, mixed vegetables (peas/beans/carrots).
Half a kilo (about a pint) of rayeb, which is a fermented dairy product.
A box of 12 peppermint tea bags.

The bill would have shot up if I’d bought:

Meat (especially red meat—even liver and kidneys are expensive).
Yellow cheese (Egyptians eat various soft white goat cheeses).
Real butter.
Long-grain rice (imported—Egyptians eat short-grain).
Granola (imported from E. Europe) or other breakfast cereal.

There is a variety of nuts and dried fruits in the stores now, ready for Ramadan. These are also expensive.

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