Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bradjolina filming Cleopatra here

Here are Brad and Angelina and film crew in Aswan, preparing for the new Cleopatra movie. (They visited Luxor this spring as well.)

So glad they're filming in Egypt. We need tourists here, and Hollywood dollars!

With regard to yesterday's post: A friend pointed out to me that, for the average Egyptian, 43.50 Egyptian pounds is roughly equivalent to US $43.50! (After all, the minimum wage here is under $200 per month.)

I hope I'm not turning into an annoying foreigner! It's pretty clueless to convert prices back and forth between currencies. In my defense, I do have to watch my dollars. I have a backburner novel set in Tuscany. It's on the backburner because it needs a ton of research, and because I can't afford to live in Tuscany for even a few months!

I was amazed at how my grocery bill plummeted when I shopped like an Egyptian. My typical grocery bill is two or three  times what I spent yesterday, because I buy some of the more expensive items.

Do you think I should take down yesterday's blog post--and this addendum?


  1. Marion -- I'm intrigued. You refer to shopping "like an Egyptian." What does that mean? How have your shopping and eating habits changed?

  2. I meant that I didn't buy red meat, yellow cheese, or imported food.
    I wasn't really shopping like an Egyptian. Most people in Luxor, or at least in the surrounding villages, don't shop in supermarkets. A lot of people only buy certain items at the supermarket, and everything else at the open-air market or the little shop around the corner.
    I think many people don't buy frozen veg., which are more expensive than fresh. An Egyptian would have bought lentils or legumes or pasta to go with the rice, which should have been short grain.
    I'm sure there are other aspects, too.

  3. I have spent most of this morning looking at photos from our last trip, of Luxor in specific, and all the talk of your shopping trip causes me to miss Egypt all the more. I wish you would take some pictures and post them of your home and the areas that you frequent in Luxor. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

  4. You're right. I've finally got my Apple computer going again. (Long story.) So I plan to go through my pix and start posting some stuff. I have a couple of the souq in Qurna.