Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, I said there wouldn't be a shark in my tale. And then the shark turned around and bit me.

That is, a shark muscled its way into my tale. Or sneaked its way in. A peripheral shark. Killing a peripheral character.

I wish it hadn't happened. It's a bummer. But that's life.

"Only the good die young." "No good deed goes unpunished." Oh well.

At least all the nastiness happens "offstage". Aristotle would approve.

Doubled the word count of the last chapter─shark and all. The extra words were needed. We had a skeleton  chapter, a sort of plot and character outline taking us from point A to point B. (Or, if you read my "Dolphin" post, from point D to point E.)

Now we have a living breathing chapter, with dialog and drama. At least, I hope that's how readers will experience it.

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