Friday, November 18, 2011

Pearl Diving

Sometimes the internet is disappointing as a research tool. Usually, it's more than adequate. With dolphin information, for example.

And sometimes the internet is downright miraculous!

Here's the link for the article: Pearl Diving in Qatar

The old pearl diver who was interviewed in this article was once attacked by a shark. He has a dramatic scar to prove it.

I don't think my story will have any sharks in it, though. (Breathing a sigh of relief!)

This research is for the middle of my book, where my hero travels quite a long way. Not as far east as Qatar though. But it's close enough. I assume pearl fishing techniques are much the same on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula, and have been for millennia.

A vanished way of life, now. It's not easy to mourn the passing of such a lethal lifestyle.

Oh, by the way, I revised the chapter which was to include dolphins--and forgot the dolphins! I was so busy rationalizing time of day, weather, etc.--and so happy with the outcome--that the dolphins totally slipped my mind. Believe it or not!

The chapter did end up with one awkward transition, though, which I was planning to revisit. And later on, I remembered the dolphins. And where do you think they slotted in, very neatly and easily? You guessed it! They moved my hero and his friend, and my narrative, quickly and comfortably from point A to point B.

My subconscious mind had it all figured out, as usual. It was just waiting for my conscious brain to wake up and smell the coffee!

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