Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To blog or not to blog?

Nathan Bransford just put up a post about blog-fatigue.
Looks like yours truly is a victim--I haven't posted in a while.
I would be less fatigued if you would comment sometimes!
(And, in case you're having trouble with posting comments, I've added a couple of pointers in the comment window. Hope these might help you solve your problems--with comments, not with anything else!)

My friend hawkeye63 isn't blog fatigued. He's started a wonderful Egypt blog. The current post is a heartwarming little tale of Egyptian hospitality.

And here's a link I've been meaning to share for a while. Not just for parents. This little gem with illustrations is for all writers. The bratty little kid is our nightmare--the kind of writer we don't want to be! Here it is: Pirate Story.

By the way, does anyone know a quick & easy way to get Blogger links to show up in the format you want (color, etc.)? I've revisited the links on this post several times, & still can't get it consistent. So I'm leaving it as is. Of course, if I got a little more sleep, that might help too.


  1. Oh Marion, you must let us know once you are settled all about your new neighborhood. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about the one you just left, near the Temple.
    The birds, the plants, the farmers and shopping. All was fascinating.

    Please let us know once you settle in about the new home and neighbors in Egypt.

  2. Hi, Deb,
    Great minds think alike! I was just thinking I'd do a post or two updating people on my move, revision progress (yes, tangible progress!) etc.
    Hoping to work on the blog today--and also to write some new material to insert into a problematic chapter.