Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games This freewheeling mother/daughter interview tells you everything you want to know about the book and movie. Including a rather useful distinction between action and violence. (The daughter is a literary critic and a linguist!)

Thanks to my FB friend and writing buddy Elizabeth for this link.

I hear you saying, "Finally, a blog post on ibischild! I've been waiting forever!" Sorry folks.

I'm considering starting an ibischild Facebook page.

It would be easier to post a sentence or two--or even (gasp!) a photo--on a FB wall than to agonize over composing a blog post with the requisite literary finesse and philosophical prowess. In other words, I think I would post more often about my life here in Luxor.

I would continue the blog as an ancillary, for days when I'm inspired to make a longer post with earth-shattering significance.

Too much info, I guess. But what do you think about the FB idea?

Linguistic question: Is it a FB wall or an FB wall?!

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