Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Laugh for Everyone

Still not putting up a serious post. Focused on getting first revision done by Coptic Christmas, Jan. 7th--inch'Allah.

Meanwhile, here's a fun one, which I found via Nathan's blog:
Some hilarious Amazon product reviews. OK, that's ambiguous. Both the products and the reviews are pretty funny. If you don't get a laugh out of something here, I'll give you something free--I just haven't decided what, yet. (Brooklyn Bridge, maybe?!)

What's your favorite product/review? Please comment!

Just enjoyed browsing through these crazy reviews again. Which is good, because I'm in a bad mood today. Partly, or mainly, because I'm up to the section of the book where my protagonist acts despicably (about one-third of the way through the 3rd & last part). Right at the very beginning, before I knew that these ideas were going to be a novel, I was shocked when I realized that the "hero" acted this way. He did it just once, but that was enough. To me, this is the only logical conclusion, based on the historical record we have.

I am planning to do some posts on various ancient Egyptian temples, etc. Thanks to blog readers who requested more local color. I'll try and put something together soon for you.

In case you're wondering, the Yemen trivia does relate to my novel. My hero spends some time in western Yemen or southwestern Arabia, snow-capped mountains & all. Snow on the Arabian peninsula. Who knew?
And here's another Yemeni photo for you, courtesy of Wiki: A typical city.

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